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On the Qingming holiday of a few days ago, the daughter of college said that she would not come back, so she had to review her homework to prepare for the second major exam. As a result, I gave up the thought of thinking about my daughter and wrote a sentence in the space: "When you know to read for yourself, you grow up; when you dare to face life, you grow; when you dare to create life, you It ��s done. Do n��t be afraid of being busy, busy is nourishment; do n��t be afraid of being lonely, then you are the true self. If you have low energy, you are full of sadness. It becomes a harmonious circle. Struggle is a pleasure; frustration is a temper. "Busy is a good thing, an elegant art Online Cigarettes, and a possibility of continuation of life. I have always liked this sentence: "The aesthetics of all life is designed to resist one word-busy." Recently, unknowingly, I have also learned that many people have lost their comfortable lifestyle like that, holding glasses all over the place Find another lifestyle. In addition to writing articles, I also like to engraving, although it is also a pleasure to be clumsy. In this age of precious time, I especially admire the calligraphy and tea ceremony of my friends. Neither exams, nor realisations. It's for the sake of playing by yourself. "Fortunately, it is rare to be busy, and it is difficult to buy busy music with rich money." Busy is the patent of young people, while leisure is the popular color of the elderly. Now I'm not busy. When you're old enough to hold Mazza in the sun, you're not far from hanging on the wall. I admire those old people who have entered the old age and are approaching the old age, but are seeking new knowledge, paying attention to new things, and experiencing a new life. According to individual strengths and hobbies, make a difference, pursue diligently, and when you are busy, you will not feel time slipping away at your feet. There is a feeling that "Canglong Sun is still raining at dusk, and the old tree is deeper in spring". Busy, away from loneliness and emptiness; busy, is the pursuit of a career; busy, is a spiritual sustenance; busy, is a way to improve the quality of life; busy, is a continuation of dedication! I think a person can only have hope if he pursues it, and happiness only if he has a hobby. I do n��t believe in Buddhism, but I admire a sentence that more recognizes Master Nebula: "Busy is also a kind of practice Parliament Cigarettes. Maybe busy will dilute my inner dissatisfaction Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and make more restless and peaceful like water." idle. When you are free, you will delusional, too much delusion will let yourself into another world. In fact, when you are busy, you are a kind of meditation. Although you are very busy, you can be quiet inside, and you are quiet about those doubtful situations. Being busy can purify the soul. In my own so-called leisure time, I will regain my mood, so that writing becomes a part of the busyness, and it is also a kind of nutrition. The ancients said, "The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own face, such as Yan Yuyu." So every time I receive some micro-draft fees, I always buy some books, such as calligraphy, seal cutting, photography and other books. Being busy doing something meaningful is more valuable than the Golden House, Yan Ruyu, the wine table and dining table, and the Ma Tan Pai Gow. Of course, doing your own job is a matter of your own, and it is also a blessing of self-cultivation. Don't complain because you are busy, don't forget that you are still alive. As a philosopher once said: "Don't disappoint your shoes are not beautiful enough, don't forget that there are still many people in the world who have no feet rolling stones without moss and running water. They can only exert their life force if they are busy; busy In order to make the body and mind flexible, if you can be busy, "busy" is the best nutrient for a healthy life, and it is also a joy of life continuity.

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